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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 31, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

12:00 am unedited for your weekend viewing. think i you are going to -- please remember the spin stops right here because we are
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>> sean: voters now disapprove of the job the president is doing. 48% to 42% with support across the plit spectrum crumbling there is no question 2012 is in play for the republican party. 50% of those polled believe the president does not deserve a second term and the gap is the largest it has been since january, 2009. and if the election were held
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today, unnamed republican challenger would defeat our incumbent president by one point z what is more alarming is that more americans disapprove than approve of the handling of the following situations. lib yark the budget, economy, foreign policy in general, health care, afghanistan, and energy. and keep in mind, that is every individual issue included in this particular poll. here to help breakdown numbers is juan williams, and stewart varny. guys, good to see you. >> good to be with you. juan, not looking good, poll-wise, for the president. >> i don't understand how you put numbers together this, is the most ridiculous thing i ever saw. there are the lowest numbers of any poll. fox news dynamic has 47 -- . >> rasmussen has him down. >> you want to go to the bottom? making it fit your obama
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bashing agenda? >> sean: hang on. >> you hang on. what is the average of obama's approveal? 47%, that puts him above ronald reagan, above bill clinton at this point. >> sean: i followed ronald reagan. he's no ronald reagan. >> sean: there is every single issue, mr. varny... >> thank you. can i get a word in edge wise? >> any time. >> thank you. reality, juan, please this, administration has a terrible case of policy paralysis and zero leadership no, solutions to grave problems we face. let me go through the list. energy and $4 gas. the president makes a speech does nothing about this problem in the immediate future. the budget, the debt. the president's budget adds $7 billion to the debt. he's not leading.
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health health care? yes. there is a policy. it's unraveling and going bankrupt the country. four, housing, we're headed for another dip down. the policy failed. there is an absence of leadership. have you numbers, face reality, juan. >> you asked the american people is the country headed in the right or wrong track? 60% say wrong track. with president bush waits 80% fchl you're talking about gas prices, americans realize there is an unstable situation in the middle east. they don't blame president ob yaum aya. >> they dochl it's still 60% on the wrong track. >> and saying the 2012 election is open. he can be defeated. there is not one republican, let me repeelt, not one republican running for office now, as a perspective candidate who can defeat barack obama. not one in any poll. >> sean: juan, i'm telling you barack obama is going to lose and is going to be a one-term
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president. let me give you, we're facing april 8th potential of a government shut down. we've got insight purposely because i want you to know what the democratic strategy is. it's going to be republicans are extreme, part of the tea party. they want old people to die f old people live, they've got to eat dog and cat food. here is shumer. >> only way to avoid a shut down is for boehner to come up with a reasonable compromise and not just listen to what the tea party wants. the tea party wants to stick to hl 1 with its extreme, i use the word extreme. cuts and all of the riders and boehner is in a box. >> chucky didn't know reporters are listening.
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former dnc chair rooting for political purpose autos from a partisan point of view it would be the best thing in the world. tea party people are dependent on other things and checks start coming they're consistent and going to go lower than it has been after the fiasco. >> you'd like a shut down? >> not have fr a statesman like point of view. but if i was head of the dnc i'd be quietly rooting for it. >> look. we're facing a grave financial crisis. and our political leadership on the democrats' side is playing cheap political games. >> and i know the public -- it's your fault. you're to blame. they do nothing. and they're the ones who are partially responsible for the mess we're n yes, the plan is a trillion dollars. endless spending. there is a deficit.
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>> you're too serious. he you know there was a surplus when george w bush came to office. and secondly republicans are playing politics. the tea party now is threatening john boehner. they've got to go along. they can't act reasonably in terms of making cuts. let me make a point to you. where are republicans in talking about the major cuts necessary? putting this budget in balance? they're not doing knit terms of continuing resolution. >> sean: we're going to have those coming because this is last year's budget. democrats failed to pass a budget. they have control of everything. point two, juan, the budget is $3.7 trillion. >> right. >> sean: cuts republicans are asking for are $61 billion. take a pebble. throw knit the ocean. there is no impact. >> they're asking for cuts in a narrow slice of the budget.
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not talking about the big spending that is weighing the country. >> that is why, in fact boehne skpr. democrats have been saying let's have those discussions. not an excuse. >> sean: obama punted and now is waiting. he doesn't show leadership. >> ze not understand the gravity of our financial situation. we have to borrow over $1 trillion this year, we're relying on people to lend us this kind of money. they started to show signs of we're not quite sure. >> it's a silent call of cassandra. you're the biggest pessimist because wall street today is doing great. american corporations have high levels of profits in history. you're going to tell me the sky is falling juan? the sky is falling. >> you're on my turf. interest rates are rising because we're trying to
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borough so much money that, will do in the economy. i don't think this president and not mr. shumer who should understand what is going on, they don't understand what is going on. >> that is why they understand to come back to your point about continuing resolutions which are a farce. you know what? republicans should understand if you cause state and local government to collapse in this country it's going to hurt our recovery and ability to go forward. >> sean: you're saying we have got to have entitlement cuts, on the other hand saying $61 billion is extreme. >> they're cutting in terms of discretion nairy -- . >> sean: you cannot have it both way autos yes. you can. we're on two tracks. >> sean: come on. >> i think we're -- let me just say this to you. one point. the president obama is not showing leadership he needs to show leadership. >> sean: he blew it. >> not yet. republicans are blowing it.
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>> sean: with every passing the possibility of a government shutdown is
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becoming more realistic. the clock that you are looking at will strike zero at the moment the continuing resolution expires next friday. although negotiations continued today the divide appears greater than ever. on one side the gop leaders in the house say they've done their part. last month they passed 60 billion dollars in cuts to current spending levels. the democratically controlled senate has yet to pass their verse of the bill. something that isn't sitting well with the speaker of the house. >> the house has passed our bill nearly 40 days. yet, we've seen nothing pass the senate. time for senate democrats to act on the bill. we know reducing spending will equal better environment for job creators to create job in america. we've done our job. the senate says we have a plan. well great, pass the damn thing! send it over here and let's have real negotiations instead
12:15 am
of sitting over there rooting for a government shutdown. >> sean: rooting for a shutdown is what the democrats appear to be doing behind closed doors. as you heard, prior to a conference call chuck schumer was overheard plotting with fellow democrats on how they can demonize speaker boehner and the tea party. that is what those on the left are spending their time doing. honest negotiation doesn't seem to be part of their game plan. joining me with the latest fox news contributor, nina easton and margaret hoover. good to see you. >> thanks for having us. >> sean: howard dean quietly rooting for the shutdown. schumer has a plan, republicans are extreme. one report tonight if the republicans that there might be a deal around 33 billion. i contend if they do that they will have lost all credibility with the people that voted them into office. >> even after series of weeks of passing continuing
12:16 am
resolutions, two billion dollars a week you think they would still be losing? >> sean: what was the promise they told the country? >> repealing obama care and they did that. delivering a modern ed republican economic agenda. >> sean: 100 billion dollars this year. and we would go back to 2008 spending levels. >> here's your problem, we need to step back -- >> sean: my problem? >> we gotta win the battle. and i think we've won the game. if we nitpick over this, it is going to creep into -- if we get 33 billion dollars in funding for the government savings that's great. next week paul ryan is unveiling his budget. >> sean: you know something, they've gotta take a stand. mike pence said it best. we've got to pick a fight if they don't fulfill their promise which created this
12:17 am
historic midterm election, i talked to people everyday for three hours, i read their e-mails, there will be fury among conservatives like myself and in the tea party. >> let me inject a little political reality. for one thing, the republicans control the house. democrats control the senate. democrats control the white house. people are fed up, americans, at large, are fed up with the fact that nothing ever happens in this congress. congressional approval ratings, as we know are in the tank nobody gets anything done. b, when republicans force the shutdown of the government in '95, '96 people blame the republicans 2-1. this helped bill clinton. you're talking to one slice of the voting public. >> sean: i'm talk together slice of the voting public -- this was the -- the biggest midterm election win in 70
12:18 am
years. i will tell you, i will be one of them that feels betrayed. because he made a promise. if people are angry at anything it is politicians not keeping their word. >> where does pragmatism hit the road? i want 100 billion dollars safes as well. i also want a fiscal agenda that we can deliver to the tea party. >> sean: if you can't cut 100 billion of a 3.7 trillion budget with a 1.65 billion dollar deficit you are never going to hit entitlement reform because you are not showing political courage. >> they voted 40 days ago and won. what do we do about the senate? you are encouraging a shutdown? >> sean: no. all essentialal aspects of the government social security, -- medicaid, military. >> then what? >> sean: then you just wait. >> you think the democrats, you think the democrats who rightly believe that
12:19 am
republicans will be viewed -- let me finish, they rightly schumer and howard dean are right. a big section of the american public will view republicans as extremists if it shuts down. how will this help republicans who need the control? >> sean: nina. >> let me get a word in. you want to set up republicans to win the senate and the white house in 2012? shutting down the government is not the way to do it. >> sean: i am betting -- >> i'll let you have a word. >> sean: thank you. welcome to the nina easton show. in all seriousness, i'm betting that people in this country see we are robbing our children blind. i am betting when they talk about 61 billion of 3.7 trillion, if they can't cut this, they will fever get to the business of significant real entitlement balanced budget reform. >> only way we are going to get to significant real balanced reform if we get the
12:20 am
senate and white house back. we can't polarize everyone in the meantime. then they are not going to vote for us. >> sean: the props they made they are gonna deny what they promised? >> you do the tea party and the republican party a disservice by painting such black and white -- >> sean: they promised 100 billion in cuts. >> they delivered it the best they come democratic senate and white house -- [ talking over each other ] >> the best we can. third -- 33 billion is more than nothing. >> in the senate, dick durbin one of the most liberal senators and tom coburn one of the most conservative senators agree on entitlement reform. they agree with the presidential commission simpson-bowles commission. that's what the american people want to see that kind of agreement. tom coburn has had to stand up
12:21 am
to elements of the right who are all over his back to say you have to compromise. >> sean: i'm reading the electorate differently many you are reading they want everyone to get together and sing kumbaya. the american people wanted principled promises kept and compromise where you give up 2/3 is not principle. >> you would rather fight for this next week -- >> sean: fight, fight! when the country -- then the country goes broke margaret. we are bankrupt! >> sean, republicans have already won the argument. there are serious cuts being made this is the first -- would you have thought last summer that you would see tens of billions of the cuts? >> sean: i love you both. if they compromise they will lose faith with the people that put them in power. the people did it with a mandate and demand. if not, they will all be
12:22 am
fired. >> if they don't compromise they will show they have no ain't to govern. >> sean: i say it is time to fight. >> a sting operation gone wrong in what could be one of the biggest scandals in the obama administration. why is the mainstream media ignoring the story? >> who are the libyan rebels >> who are the libyan rebels we are helping? i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep. i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other ne. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. -my car did. -thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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>> sean: as the war in libya continues it is beginning to emerge how little we know about the rebels we are arming, including whether or not they are terrorists. here's what nato commander told the senate armed services committee yesterday. >> we have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential al-qaeda, hezbollah. we've seen different things. at this point, i don't have detail sufficient to say that there's a significant al-qaeda presence or any other terrorist presence. >> sean: while nato's commander may or a not know whether this is the case. "the washington times" quotes a libyan leader that claims freelance jihadists have
12:27 am
joined up with the rebels many joining me with reaction are brigitte gabriel and michael ghouse is back. when we were debating the issue of egypt. people were writing articles i'm obsessed with the muslim brotherhood. i told you on this program that the muslim brotherhood that says prepare for war with israel, they were going to emerge as the leaders there. now they've joined with the egyptian military. it appears that i was right and you were wrong. similarly, i am fearful that these rebels that we're helping in libya with these al-qaeda connections we are ignoring what our own state department says and we can potentially be making a big mistake. do you agree i was right about the brotherhood? >> you are partially right sean, i admit. the game is not over yet. the freedom, the inspiration the intensity of the freedom the people have is much
12:28 am
stronger than the brotherhood ever can muster. the people who will win in the end. >> sean: the muslim brotherhood aligning with the egyptian military, is a good sign of where egypt is headed. i wish i were wrong. brigitte? >> you were not wrong. those of us who followed the news about terrorist organizations saw the writing on the wall. the same thing happening with libya. the muslim brotherhood has been the biggest opponents to gadhafi for the last three decades. al-qaeda has been operating in libya as well for the last 10 years. especially after september 11th, especially after we went into iraq. al-qaeda was so mobilized in libya 20% of the incurrent agents in iraq we have arrested trying to kill soldiers in iraq were from libya. it is a natural for al-qaeda to be rejoicing of america talking about arming rebels in libya, woking with the rebels. the only beneficiary out of
12:29 am
this war in libya is al-qaeda, bar none. >> sean: al-qaeda is claiming michael that the terrorist leader saying the arab revolts are boosting al-qaeda. they are open about this. we foe from our own state department and other reporting, that in fact, we may be arming those people, if they decide to arm them and may be protecting the very people that want our destruction. >> well, that's why we need more intelligence information. the intelligence gathering has been wrong, like iraq even. the day before mubarak resigned we had the wrong information. talking about who -- >> sean: don't we need that information before we go to the war, i'm sorry the kinetic military operation. >> we need the information before we go to war. i think we've made mistakes in the past. we are making a mistake again. we need that information. it is dangerous.
12:30 am
it is hurting our economy. ask an afternoon american what the war has done to them. we need more information. on the issue of who the rebels are, these are the ordinary citizens -- >> sean: brigitte, if we look at lebanon as they were battling syria after occupies, we were promised that democracy would reign because people were fighting for democracy, that's not what happened. there were people in the carter administration when khomeini was coming out of france were predicting he's the new ghandhi. are we wrong to underestimate the radical jihadist influence in many of these countries? polls in egypt showed the radical point of view was almost 80%. >> yes, we are wrong in underestimating them. we don't have to look that far back. look what we did with the mujahedeen in afghanistan. i will never forget the scene out of charlie wilson's war
12:31 am
when he was standing with the mujahedeen chanting allahu akbar this american rejoicing we defeated the soviets by arming the rebels many look at what the taliban we went into bosnia, killing the serbs who were the christians and defending and arming the muslims. who is turning against us? the serbs. osama bin laden and al-qaeda use the balkans as the base against us. last 10, 15 years and try to learn from our mistakes. >> sean, on the use of allahu akbar, a common phrase used by muslims. it is not a battle cry. >> sean: what is not a battle cry? >> phrase allahu akbar. >> sean: michael, every time there's a terrorist tack we hear allahu akbar, every time. >> when the green bay packers
12:32 am
won the super bowl the muslim fans who were supporting green bay packers said allah act bar. -- allah akbar. >> sean: i don't have time, thank you guys for being with us. the secret calls that planned parent hood does not want you to hear. first, it is arguably one of the biggest scandals of the obama administration to date. a mexican gun bust gone bad. michelle malkin is next with reaction. and lou holtz
12:33 am
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>> sean: project gun runner also known in arizona as operation fast and furious, could be the biggest and most under reported scandal of obama's presidency. a sting gone bad by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives resulted in 1700 smuggled weapon going from the u.s. to mexico officials believe they may be connected to the deaths of two americans. president obama recently denied prior knowledge of the operation. much less, granting its authorization. >> the president: there may be a situation here in which a serious mistake was made. if that's the case we'll find out and we'll hold somebody accountable. >> sean: congressional investigators are demanding answers and gave today as the deadline in which the department of justice must deliver them. a new covert investigation has exposed a mammogram sham at
12:37 am
planned parent hood that may be responsible for cheating taxpayers out of millions. calls to 27 states revealed the organization does not provide the breast cancer prevention service as the ceo richards recently claimed. using it as one of the main defense as to why planned parent hood should keep receiving subsidies. does that mean the federal funding plug should be pulled? the author of "the new york times" best seller, michelle malkin is back. >> good to see you too. >> let's start with cecile richards from planned parent hood saying mammograms and women services will be cut off. >> as a result, if this bill would ever become law millions of women in this country are going to lose their health care access. not to abortion services to basic family planning.
12:38 am
mammograms. >> sean: mammograms. let's go to the audio in the words of warner wolf and a montage of secret calls to planted parent hood. >> is there any way i can come in for a breast exam and mammogram? >> we don't do mammograms here. >> do you provide mammograms? >> we don't. >> you can try -- christ community service. >> sean: no mammograms. big scandal. should they be defunded? there >> there are so many reasons
12:39 am
they should be defunded this is just more fuel fortifier. it is about time they be held -- fuel for the fire. it is about time they be held for their propaganda. where the women politicians who keep echoing the line of richards that these reproductive and women health services are so essential and being offered. when the tapes show everything but that. >> sean: seems like an outright lie in these 27 states where they got those answers. considering that was her defense. now this issue of project gun runner known as operation fast and furious, where these guns went from the u.s. to mexico even resulting in the deaths of americans. you've been investigating. >> i can't underscore what a nightmare this program has been essentially from the inception. as i pointed out in a lot of my reporting from the beginning, so many of these
12:40 am
nightmares are bipartisan products. this was created under the bush administration. received millions of dollars of funds by the little scrutinize marie that -- marita initiative then more added as the bureau of alcohol to be and firearms expanded its reach and authority with a program that is costing american lives. i have to give a huge amount of credit to a number of people, including the citizen journalists and second amendment advocates who have been relentless, along with many, many brave atf whistle-blowers who warned that these guns that were supposedly monitored by atf were walked across the border into the hands of drug cartel, thugs and other criminals who used them to shoot and kill, at least one border patrol agent brian terry and it looks
12:41 am
very much so that it was the same in the case of an ice agent who was murdered by mexican thugs south of the border. instead -- in february, where is the rest of the mainstream media? yes cbs covered it, outside of fox news, blogs and second amendment advocates this has not gotten the huge front page headline attention that it deserves. >> sean: michelle, more information, great investigative work on both issues on your website and, thank you very much. >> thanks sean. >> sean: time to check in with greta. where are you tonight? >> greta: in dallas with laura bush. i'm doing an event with her tomorrow on afghanistan women. we have a great show. former ambassador bolton. there's breaking news out of libya. what about that shutdown?
12:42 am
shutdown or not? one republican united states senator says it might not be such a bad idea. he's here to tell you why he thinks that. >> sean: shut it down. time for a fight. we've got to stand up now for our kids' future. not that you asked me. i'm just spouting off like i always do. >> greta: i'm interested in your opinion. >> i say time for a fight. time to take a principled stan. >> greta: all right, we'll have a fight. >> we'll show you a hockey fight this got brutal. coach lou holtz and others. our great american panel, next. [ female announcer ] treat yourself to something special for lunch at red lobster. how about a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combination? or maybe skewers of wood-grilled shrimp. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 at red lobster.
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two pills a day is what it takes to stay alive if you're hiv positive. those pills cost about forty cents a day. >> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel he's a two-time emmy winning actor, jay thomas is back. he's one of the most successful college football coaches of all time lou holtz is back. she former communications director for the republican congressional committee karen hanretty is here. i played ice hockey as a kid. coach we used to fight. it is not like today where you get arrested. or you get eliminated for the rest of your life. you fight, get time in the penalty box and that was it. there's this fight, let's roll the tape and people are freaking out over how violent
12:47 am
this gets. >> sean: standard fair for playing hockey. >> last game i coached was south carolina, clemson both teams came off the bench and got into a brawl. it bothers you as a coach. they only had 10 minutes total penalty the entire year. those things happen. i think if you get that much publicity, you get it on the internet. you never read about that before. >> it is the focus. we were talking about it earlier. they going to send the kids to sensitivity training. i'm going to tell them tomorrow they should watch a season of "glee." make them watch that. i think it is too bad a kid's
12:48 am
jaw is broken. referees allowed people to beat me to a pulp when i played football because they hated my guts. would not pull people off me. today they would be going to jail for what they did to me. >> sean: remember the kid in australia the big kid that was being bullied. and he took it and this snot-nosed brat, i said good boy. >> he was expelled. >> sean: it was a mistake. how many punches in the face do you have to take? >> there's a lack of respect for the game. when a fight happened, it bothers me to this day. you should have respect for what the other person does. no way you should resort to that. in six years in south carolina we never had a fight in practice. the last game, both teams -- >> how about notre dame? >> only in the tunnel before.
12:49 am
[ unintelligible ] >> hockey players are not toothless for no reason. a lot of testosterone and you want your boys who have a lot of testosterone in a confined space and keep it there and out of the streets. >> sean: friends lost teeth and they kept playing. >> right. >> i come from louisiana. my uncles would get in fights in bars and stuff. they would go to jail now. i remember my uncles coming home black eyes and we would talk about it. it is different. they don't allow fighting in school. you can't make a gun finger school. >> it is a problem today. you get in a fight, that other guy may have a gun or knife. you never thought about that happening before. the way it is today in our society, you go there and have a million different reasons why our society is the way it is. >> sean: another part of our
12:50 am
society bugs me if you get hit, you can hit back? i imagined this to friends at dinner. if my son gets hit, i'm telling him, he has my per -- permission to defend himself. >> the president taught us, they bring a knife, you bring a gun. >> sean: the one time obama may have done something right. i'm kidding. >> i agree. and i think also maybe the coaches should have known. the bully team that was in this thing that had been penalized the most of the whole league, was being beaten 9-3. the finesse team was beating them. you know how frustrating that is. i think the revs -- the refs might have realized. and i think maybe the refs could have felt something. coach was saying maybe on the field south carolina, clemson were yelling at each other, he didn't know. the refs have to look at what these teams are, what might
12:51 am
happen and take control early. >> people rush to the defense of their teammates. teammates defend one another, being together, somebody hits your teammates you are going to defend. >> not gretzky, he skated all the way around. >> yes he did. and sneak it in the back way you are going to judge my throwing style, right? >> absolutely. >> sea [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above.
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>> sean: how was my throw? >> i would say good for a defensive player. >> sean: i'm not a defense -- defensive player i'm a quarterback coach. >> i would say this you are offensive. let's move on. >> sean: we are debating with nina and margaret earlier. the republicans won a historic election. biggest midterm win in 70 years. they made props, they are going to repeal health care, if they can't they defund it. cut 100 billion in this year's budget and go back to 2008 spending levels and deal with entitlements in their first budget which comes out next tuesday. >> they have an agreement essentially it is reported this evening for -- >> 33. >> on top of what they've already done with these
12:56 am
continuing resolutions -- >> sean: 43. >> next tuesday paul ryan is coming out with the 2012 budget. that is the budget that going to set the tone for republicans going into these next elects. this gives them an opportunity to define -- >> sean: wait a minute. >> no -- >> sean: that 100 billion dollar promise you're saying break it. i'm saying if they do, they are going to tick off every single persona put their trust in them, including me. i want that promise fulfilled. i guess i'm dreaming. >> wait a second, obama promised, i voted democratic. >> sean: that was a mistake. >> that we would not have two wars. he was right, we now have three. something happens when you get in there. i think if we were elected, we say all these things and get in there. apparently, once you get the bombs and the army, it must be fun to use them, that's all i can figure. there's a reality when you get in there, that you cannot get
12:57 am
the things don't you wanted done. government is not a family. it is not a business. i think it has problems that we try to solve -- i try to solve them as a family or business problem. >> sean: but there are principled people. marco rubio was on last night. mike pence is holding firm. michelle bachmann, gomer. people said i made this promise, i'm sticking by it. >> why don't you trust washington? people say one thing and do something else. i think 2012 is where the balance should be, not this year if you ran and elected because you are going to cut 100 billion dollars out of this budget and you vote for it, they ought to vote you out of office. you ought to vote your heart. >> sean: the 2012 is the big picture. i'm saying if they can't cut 61 billion of a 3.7 trillion they are never going to get to the big picture. >> we are going to cut 500
12:58 am
billion, we are going to compromise and -- [ unintelligible ] >> sean: any of these guys that think they are getting a pass, i'm a conservative, and i think our country is going bankrupt. i want them to fix it. >> you want them to fix it what we need is republicans to take control of the senate as well. if you had republicans in control of the senate and the house, then you would have -- it would be easier -- >> sean: so i have to wait. >> they don't control everything. they've made more cuts than a democrat majority ever would have made. [ talking over each other ] >> ungeorge bush they spent like a drunken sailor. >> don't go there. >> as the economy gets better like anybody else when you get more money in your pocket and the economy will get better, we'll start spending again. it is a culture that we have. >> no way you can continue to do this, 14 trillion dollar
12:59 am
deficit? you can. i'll tell you what -- >> lou do you mind your social security being affected. you and i make enough money. do you mind if our social security is lessened? >> i could care less. >> sean: i resent the hell out of it. >> people came from foreign countries. there was no safety net, no welfare, no food stamps. my dad to third grade many you learned to get along. family takes care of one another. my parents said we'll take care of you when you're young you take care of us when we're old. >> sean: they will means test it, i re -- i paid into it my whole life. crooks, pick your worse corporation the most corrupt. it is like a ponzi scheme, they stole it. >> social security buys bonds from our own government.


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